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What are Creator Coins and How are they Disrupting the Creator Economy?

Three months ago, a friend clued me in on the power of creator coins and suggested that I apply for a creator coin on Rally.IO.

After researching, I figured it fit well within my influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, brand sponsorship, and executive mastermind blueprint that I was already rolling out. I assumed I could give people the option to purchase with dollars or my coin…

3 months later, and man was I clueless on the true value of creator coins!

Ok, I guess I wasn’t wrong altogether, but using creator coins in a transactional way is such a small aspect of the creator coin value I almost skipped mentioning it in the video below.

It’s taken me 3 months of research, testing, and collaborating to truly understand how creator coins, and as a digital futurist and proud early adopter I will without question make the build prediction that creator coins and NFTs will massively disrupt how creators create, monetize and ultimately build their own creator economy!

An example I share in the video is in the 3 months since the launch of the $ADHD coin those that simply are holding the coin have been paid out 23k+ in $RLY for doing nothing more than holding the coin supporting me the creator!

Ps. I didn't have any fancy hookup or connection to get my coin, I applied on the website which anyone can do today… my advice is to think about a unique use case for your 1k true fans!

In the video below, I wanted to give some examples of how I see creator coins being used and how it connects to other aspects of creator marketing.

The video highlights:

  • Why the creator economy is less about influencers and more about community empower collaboration.

  • How influencer, affiliate, network, online course creation, and subscription-based masterminds fit inside the creator economy, but their value will drastically increase for both creators and consumers.

  • Although there is a crypto element of creator coins leveraging blockchain technology, the economy created around the coin can be as unique as the creator..

  • How Rally.IO allows creators to design use-cases and benefits for those that hold the coin while also developing time-based campaigns for the community to purchase with their coin.

  • How simply holding the $ADHD coin over the last 3 months, there has been over 23k in $RLY coins rewarded to the community and me, the creator.

  • The role transparency, exclusivity, and “True fans” play within a creator economy, empowering creators such as Portugal the Man to go all-in to even their surprise. They didn’t want to ever create a fan club as they were concerned by it coming across as just monetizing the super fans or, worse, taking advantage of them.

  • How offering different access levels has launched $Gary coin into the top 10 coins while also offering exclusive private masterminds for those simply holding a certain amount of coins on a specific date. (Kudos Gary Henderson and thanks for your mentorship these last 3 months. ) Read Gary’s take on creator coins here)

  • The power of a community-driven project within a decentralized world makes Rally.IO the leader in disrupting and innovating within this creator coin and soon-to-be NFT space.

  • How I look at holding creator coins differently than cryptocurrency, but I do hold both and do refresh those pages daily.

Lastly why I believe the creator economy’s true power comes down to this simple equation:

Access + Exclusivity + We > Me Mindset = Community Empowerment!

The creator economy, much like the industrial revolution, the consumer economy, and Web 2.0, will take some time to evolve and be adopted universally. Still, as of June 2021, I’m all in on its power to do what I’ve always believed the digital world was meant to do…

Connect good people with good people doing good things together to do great things and be significantly rewarded while doing what you love.

I challenge you to research and think about the unique ways you could be a creator and/or support creator within this economy, as this isn’t financial advice. I’m learning along with you, but I believe the possibilities are endless!

PRESS the DAMN BUTTON and get you some today and take advantage of the offer I mentioned in the video, which will be dropping soon!


Brian Fanzo

Ps. For those not familiar with me, I’m an ADHD SuperPowered Girl Dad of 3, Digital Futurist Keynote Speaker and founder of the $ADHD Coin! Find out more at


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