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Lessons Covid-19 has forced us to learn that will make us all better humans!

I’ve had this episode ready to go for many weeks but I wanted to fine tune each of the lessons and be very strategic with how I approached them and give detailed examples and actions we can learn from each.

So hopefully you are in for a longer episode and if you have the pause and come back later I 100% understand that but I FIRMLY BELIEVE that EVERYONE can get something from this episode and hope it will be a favorite episode of yours…

The 6 lessons I breakdown in this episode:

  1. Everyone has Influence & Power:

  2. Everyone can create video but it isn’t as easy as it looks

  3. When everything is Virtual is anything Virtual

  4. What really matters shines bright when we pause not unplug

  5. Transparency & Vulnerability are Non-Negotiable

  6. WE are MORE ALIKE than we are DIFFERENT

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”
― Benjamin Franklin

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