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Clubhouse: Feels Too Good To Be True

I've spent a massive amount of time on the newest social media shiny object CLUBHOUSE over the last 43 days, and when I've been asked what my thoughts are on Clubhouse, the first thing I say every time is....

"It feels too good to be true, the intimacy and authenticity on Clubhouse is everything I never knew I needed on social media!"

Honestly, it feels weird even typing that out, as I'm an early adopter and evangelist for the power of social media. But I've also got burnt going all-in on Meerkat then Blab, and I'm a massive fan of the value of TikTok, but I've never got this feeling.

And yes Clubhouse is a "drop-in audio" app that is still in beta and invite-only while currently only available on iOS devices... but when I explain what makes this app special I simply say:

"Clubhouse is the ONLY social network app that prioritizes CONVERSATIONS over CONTENT!"

For some, it might sound like I'm drinking the Clubhouse Koolaid (which might be true) but I will leave you with this....

If the Clubhouse app was shut down tomorrow, I wouldn't regret the 100's of hours I've spent on the app as it's been the most fulfilling hours for me personally and professionally

With all the love I'm giving to Clubhouse, I wanted to do my part to keep that "too good to be true" feeling by sharing my strategy and best practices for Clubhouse!

Check out my 10 part series on YouTube where I will cover every aspect of Clubhouse and what I've learned over this last month and a half.

Episode 1: Clubhouse 101: The Only Social App Prioritizing Conversations Over Content

Episode 4: Clubhouse: How to generate business without funnels or selling via audio

Follow the full YouTube Playlist Series here:

I believe the future of business is community and innovation is powered by collaboration and there is no social network available that enables these two things more than Clubhouse!

I've also curated using my favorite app Flipboard all of the blog posts and articles on Clubhouse that I feel are worth reading. You can check them out here.


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