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What's the Business Value of Facebook and Instagram?

You don't have to be on Facebook and Instagram but if you use them right you can find massive business value!

Every business must be on Facebook and Instagram!  

No, I disagree but I would say that every business and brand no matter the industry can find massive business value leveraging Facebook and Instagram in 2020 and beyond.  

In this episode, I piggyback on episode 071 where I talked about the business value of Twitter with a focus on Facebook and Instagram that spurred one of the LARGEST live podcast audiences I’ve ever had with well over 2k questions, comments, and thoughts on this topic.

Questions and concepts I discussed on this episode: a

  • Why most of what we know about Facebook users is wrong!

  • The type of content on each platform isn’t as important as when we post to the platform once we understand our unique user behaviors! Difference between Facebook social network and Twitter social community

  • What the future of Facebook looks like without a newsfeed and how to prepare yourself

  • Value of your email newsletter for growing your Facebook Live and Instagram following?

  • What we can learn from YouTube influencers when growing on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Where’s Facebook’s value beyond paid ads and promoted posts?

If you love this episode please send me a message on Facebook or send me a DM on Instagram. Also check out my new speaker website:


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