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Social Audio Wars: Creator Strategy Beyond The Platforms

Social Audio is undoubtedly the trendy thing in 2021, but it wasn't till June of 2021 that the wars between platforms have hit the mainstream.

Clubhouse was the first to market, then Twitter Spaces launched and there have been some nice audio apps popping up but just this week Facebook Live Audio and Spotify Greenroom took over the headlines.

But it's easy to compare features and talk about startup app vs. big brand app or startup focused on community vs. big brand focused on audio... But I've learned that we must go beyond the shiny objects, the beta features, and even the desire to consider all of the platforms equal competition as a futurist.

In episode 134 of the FOMOFanz podcast, I get away from debating which is better, Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces, or Spotify Greenroom, and move towards what we need to think about when it comes to strategy in a new medium...

  • What strategy is needed to be an early adopter that doesn't get caught up in the noise?

  • When is it essential to test and tweak vs. go all-in with a strategy?

  • Creator coins disrupting how we look at monetizing these platforms like

  • Is this an audio platform competition, a new social network battle, or redefining the entire medium?

  • Also, focus on the difference between a startup launch of a new app vs. a big brand launch which is very deja vu of Google+.

  • Most importantly, I talk about strategy and how to create a measurable plan and lead to a clear definition of success.

What are the key steps when creating social audio or early adopter strategy:

  1. Define and visualize success

  2. Map out goals with data that is measurable

  3. Look at audience and platform differences within targets and focus.

In the last 45 minutes, I pulled up 6 friends to ask questions and share their thoughts doing a little bit of live coaching and strategy work: Dr. Aditi, Dana Bowling, Nidhi Tewari, Gary Henderson, Evan Kirstel, James Nickerson.

During these live coaching and training sessions, we talked about the concept of not building on "rented land", discussed if you should use Community Text Messaging or move towards a more off-platform content hub.

We also discussed the mistakes we should have learned from the live streaming wars between apps such as Meerkat, Periscope and Facebook Live to not only grow as a community but drive innovation between the platforms.

I was also excited to share the news around the launch of the MISFIT MAFIA Discord and the creator economy and the impact this all has with creator coins, and how I'm looking at brand partnerships…

Learn more about my $ADHD coin and the launch of my discord server here.


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