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Transparency and Mindset Change That Will Fuel Collaboration

I firmly believe that the future of innovation is collaboration and that for us to truly change the world we must change how and who we think of when it comes to collaboration.

On this episode, I break down the difference between transparency and oversharing and what role transparency plays in building digital trust. I stress that transparency doesn't guarantee trust rather it gives people and an authentic window into who you are and why you do what you do. I also wanted to simplify the conversation around transparency explaining how to factor in risk vs. reward when deciding what and how you want to embrace transparency.

Mindset Change for Collaboration

On the SMACtalk podcast I bring up my "3 T's" almost weekly as trust, training, and tools in that order are essential for all deployments and integrations of technology in this digital age. I discuss my use of a new tool Cisco Spark and the importance of building a couple around the change to leverage any collaboration tool including Slack, Microsoft Yammer, Jive or even Google Drive. I can't talk change without reminding people that it's not about forcing change rather inspiring it, teaching it, and doing it.

My Breaking News Moment:

Education and learning aren't the responsibility of your boss or your company rather any person that wants to succeed and achieve success in 2017 must take ownership of their learning and embrace what learning methods work best for you.

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I broke down the importance of K.I.S.S. or keep it simple stupid and the reason I've become an early fan of the new collaboration tool Cisco Spark. Collaboration tools struggle to integrate new features like chat, video, and document sharing in an easy way that allows for user management as well as the scale of the collaboration community but my early impression of Cisco Spark is that simplicity was the focus from the start.

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