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How Empowering a Virtual Emcee will Transform Your Next Virtual Event or Webinar Series

Virtual Event producers tend to get caught up in things like technology and speakers and getting attendees to sign-up…

So much so that they tend to forget about the piece that brings everything together and no it’s not the theme or the branding. Not only does this role keep a digital event on track, but it also encourages people to attend, interact, and stay engaged.

All of which are invaluable.

This video will not be a popular one amongst my keynote speaker peers but I believe the value of virtual events is dependent on the utilization of this role and re-inventing how this role is leveraged throughout the event planning process.

The NFL Virtual Draft leveraged this role to perfection which is the reason I still consider it the best virtual event I’ve attended in 2020.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments on YouTube!

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Here’s a YouTube comment that I felt summarized exactly how I felt and what inspired me to create this video!

“I don’t think I have ever been more on board with a video before this one. You are 100% spot on! Over the last few months (and even a little bit before) I have attended and spoken at online events that don’t have anything anchoring the experience, guiding us through our time together, except for that opening email and closing survey. This past week I attended my FIRST virtual conference that had a host doing exactly what you say they should do. It changed EVERYTHING! While I still would prefer in-person events, this was the first experience where I closed my screen on the last day sad that it was over, excited about what I learned, and WHO I MET! I actually felt like I was in a community of people, gathering to learn together, to create something new, and to walk away richer in connection than when we started the event. Thank you, Brian! Thank you! I hope many people watch this and put into motion what you are sharing with all of us."  Kate Fssbndr

Not only does an emcee or host keep a digital event on track, but it also encourages people to attend, interact, and stay engaged. All of which are invaluable.

This was first posted on my Virtual Keynote Speaker website BrianFanzo.com and can be found here: https://www.brianfanzo.com/the-one-asset-most-virtual-events-undervalue-and-its-not-the-speaker-or-the-technology/

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