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How to Avoid Sounding Scripted On Video: STICKY 5

Want to create dynamic #virtualpresentations​ and videos without having to create a script while staying focused on creating a dynamic experience?

I share how to do just that in this partner video powered by #PreziVideo​!

Creating dynamic videos or virtual presentations requires a shift in our mindset on how we deliver our content, what success looks like and how we create an environment that empowers us to be ourselves while still maintaining the audience's attention.

When most people think about all these moving parts they immediately feel as though the only way to make that happen is by creating a script and writing out everything they need to say...

But then the worry of sounding "too scripted" or robotic becomes the main concern...

After creating over 3.5k live streaming videos and hundreds of virtual presentations I've created a little system that works for me that allows me to be myself while also staying focused on the takeaways I want to have for the audience!

In this video I share: How to avoid coming across as scripted while presenting a focused attention capturing virtual presentation.

- Define Success

- Manage Expectations

- Test + Tweak + Repeat

- Create Swimlanes

- Use the STICKY 5 Method

In this video, I share: "How to avoid coming across as scripted while presenting focused attention capturing virtual presentation" which I created using Prezi Video. (partner)

If you want to create dynamic presentations like this one check out Prezi Video by using this link and get 6 months free!


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