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Gear You Must Upgrade for Online Teaching in 2021

When it comes to online teaching and virtual presentations, there's no question that the tools and equipment we use can be the difference between an interactive engaged audience and an audience that has switched to another tab and is multi-tasking.

Now tools and equipment do come down to personal preference.

In my role as a Digital Futurist, I've had the opportunity to test and leverage more tripods and microphones than most knew existed.

But when it comes to creating dynamic online presentations and online learning, I believe you can't start with the equipment. You have to first focus on the tools.

I was excited to partner with Prezi Video for this video; Prezi Video is my favorite online interactive presentation software as I used it for 45 of my presentations last year long before deciding to partner on this video series.

Beyond the presentation software, you have to factor in the meeting program, the live broadcasting aspect, and also the props available in your house to add a fun offline to the online component.

Once you've decided on your tools, now it's time to talk equipment, and in this video, I break down the four pieces of equipment that will upgrade your online teaching without breaking your budget or being too complicated to setup.

All of the gear can be found at: with a variety of additional options that I've tested in my home setup.

Here is a tour of my virtual studio that I shared on my Instagram channel.


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