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Forced to Work From Home with ADHD! Now what?

There are a ton of tips, blog posts, and videos on what you need to do to be successful working from home, and thanks to the coronavirus forcing so many companies to mandate working from home for their employees.

But I firmly believe there isn’t just one right way of working from home. As someone with ADHD, I like to learn from multiple different people in multiple different formats.

I have a unique experience working from home as I’ve done it twice, once managing teams as a government contractor for four years, then after being back in the office for two years, working from home for the last five years as an entrepreneur.

I figured it would be of value to share what I’ve learned works and what doesn’t work for those new to working from home and for those that also have ADHD superpowers.

Interestingly enough, the first time I worked from home was before being diagnosed with ADHD, and just that little difference transformed how I approach my work from home life and the way I manage my day.

Many would guess working from home would create laziness but it's more likely to lead to burn out because working from home requires a new life mindset not just a work location change!

In this episode I cover

  • Why you working from home is much bigger than just you!

  • The importance of balancing expectations as a manager, employee, and entrepreneur

  • Work from home burn out and how to avoid it

  • What to do to avoid the frustration and overcompensating that comes with out of sight and out of mind!

  • Importance of calendar blocking and assigning time with an alarm to specific daily tasks

  • Why you should track the amount of actual “work hours” you did work in the office before trying to map out your work from home day!

  • Why most focus on productivity tips & avoiding distractions, and I think you should focus on redefining the 9-5 workday.

  • My number 1 tip in regards to motivating myself to work harder and accomplish tasks and why Chipotle is my secret weapon.


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