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Community Building for a Creator Economy: A Mindset Shift

The Creator Economy is a new way for creatives to monetize their work. The Creator Economy has only been in existence for a few years, but it's already generating billions of dollars and impacting the lives of millions.

But my focus as a digital futurist keynote speaker and creator has been on harnessing the power of technology within community building to create a Creator Economy mindset shift that will help your creators, platforms, and business thrives today.

The number of creator economy platforms and supporting technology seems to grow daily. At the same time, the gap in educating creators and businesses on the use cases and changes in strategy needed to integrate these innovations entirely is massively behind the times. (Graphic from Product Hunt)

Yes the Creator Economy has the potential to be a new way of making money for creatives but the community structure is essential. While many creator communities tend to follow a traditional model in terms of their structure, there are other ways these structures can be built.

This shift away from traditional creator community models won't happen with just the technology. We must shift the mindsets of all those involved. But only if we embrace this shift in perspective and re-examine how community members are engaged, what resources they need (both financial and emotional), and what motivates them to contribute their creative work.

It is not enough to have a Creator Economy mindset as an individual creator; the entire community needs to embrace this new way of monetizing, rewarding and investing in a creator success.

For everyone involved in Creator Economy, including creators and business leaders, to be successful, we need to rethink how communities are being built. Starting with how we onboard community members, what structure it takes on, and maybe most importantly, connecting the value to a "rising tides lifts all boats" mentality.

In the Creator Economy we are living in today; it's no longer enough to have a great idea. Creatives need to consider how they can monetize their work and find new ways of connecting with an audience that appreciates why they do, what they do.

This means that creators should think about more than just what money they will make. They should be thinking about the home for the community to thrive and how much more they will give if their primary focus is doing what they love, creating!

Creators need to consider how they can monetize the access they will give their fans and find new ways of connecting with an audience that appreciates why they do what they do.

"Creators must stop thinking about getting MORE followers, and start thinking about who are the followers they can give MORE to."

Funny enough, the questions I get asked most often are: Who are creators? What are the best creator economy platforms? Should the focus be on NFTs or Creator Coins or Crypto to build their economies?

Depending on who you ask, what type of creator you are, and where the creator's current communities live will ultimately drive the answers to these questions. I, the creator of the $ADHD coin, am focusing my efforts on Rally.IO and creating a content hub on Might networks and a SuperPOWERED community on discord.

There are many ways to monetize your work, but there is no one size fits approach to Community Building for Creators in a Creator Economic.

The key takeaway should be: Creator Economies are not about the Creator monetization or fan clubs - they are about creating more communities where creators, platforms, and businesses thrive.

It is essential for every person involved in Creator Economies to understand the new rules of this new economy--from how you make money creating content to storing it in technologies that put creators and communities first.

In trying times, we will need innovators more than ever before; creators will be on the front lines and need to understand how Creator economies work so that they can stay on top of things as change happens rapidly around them.

A few years ago, Creator Economics was just a theory, but now it's generating billions of dollars and impacting the lives of millions.

I believe creators that embrace this mindset shift today and spend time thinking about how they harness the power of technology within community building will find massive success within the Creator Economy.


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