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Everything You Need To Know About Live Streaming Virtual Events

Live streaming isn’t new and in 2014 it drastically disrupted the marketing and social media world as apps like Meerkat took over SXSW, Twitter launched Periscope, Facebook went all-in with Facebook Live and even YouTube, Instagram, and Linkedin integrated live streaming.

For professional speakers and events, planners’ live streaming was a “nice to have” for marketing and it did make the broadcasting of the opening keynote more accessible to a larger audience but it impacts truly was felt in the wake of Covid19 canceling offline conferences forcing everyone online.

Here are some resources I created over the last 2 months to hopefully help with this pivot into virtual experiences and understand the value of live streaming video.

I've also created a new page on my virtual keynote speaker website that will be updated weekly with videos, blogs, and resources I'm using to produce, host and keynote virtual events in 2020 at:


So if you are a virtual event speaker or running live zoom calls or wanting to make your live webinar more dynamic here are the tools I use…

I break the live streaming software into these categories:

  • Web-based

  • Mac encoder

  • Mobile manager

  • Zoom + live overlays

  • Multi-streaming

Telling stories is central to what we do as keynote speakers. It draws us to our audience and makes what we teach and deliver within our keynote presentations memorable.

“Virtual events, webinars and online summits don’t contain the same limitations as offline events which as speakers means our virtual event experiences have endless possibilities and the only real limitation is our imagination and willingness to think differently on what we deliver, how we provide and the technology we leverage to present our messages!”  

Digital Futurist, Keynote Speaker, and Virtual Event Producer Brian Fanzo shares his tips for not only creating a successful virtual event but the mindset shift required to build out goals, measure, and track success. He also touches on selecting the right platform and using a combination of video collaboration tools and live streaming tools to engage today’s digitally disconnected audience.

Live streaming video has exploded during these times much like it did in 2014 but what is it’s role in virtual events and how do we know when to use it versus pre-recorded video.

Brian answers the 9 most popular questions being asked around live streaming video and its role in virtual events in 2020.

Why haven’t virtual events or online conferences replaced offline conferences? Because they can’t! 

But… If we redesign the experience from a digital-first mindset, it’s possible to provide a complimentary digital experience that bridges offline conference experiences 365 days a year and can supplement the value we aren’t able to deliver during times like now with the Coronavirus.

Live video is scary. The first time you’re ever on live video is hard. The first time you ever watch yourself back on the video you realize that you hate watching yourself on video. And these are all the things that everyone realizes… but until you press the damn button, we’re going to make all of these excuses. I have a hair appointment. I have a webinar. I don’t have the right lighting. I mean, I’m sitting in a hotel right now doing this on my laptop. You don’t need as much as what people say you do. 


Additional Resources:

Here are some additional blogs and podcast episodes where I breakdown my strategy and experience with live streaming video:

For additional resources and insights make sure to check out Brian's virtual keynote speaker blog at


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