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Fyre Festival: 10 Marketing Lessons Your Business Can Leverage

Fyre Festival 2017 was a disaster of an event and thanks to the Netflix & Hulu documentaries that were released recently there’s been a ton of buzz around the con as well as the strategies and tactics used by the event and the agencies working on it.

In this talk, Brian Fanzo will go beyond the festival and beyond the con to focus on the marketing tactics and lessons that can be gained in the areas of Influencer Marketing, Social Media Strategy and understanding millennial customers.

You’ll be inspired and motivated to take these 10 lessons and implement them in your business in 2019.

The 10 Lessons:

  1. Nobody wants another app – Consumers crave UNIQUE EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES

  2. The genius was not focusing on the app that they were trying to promote – they promoted THE EXPERIENCE instead – and the app would come secondarily.

  3. Go to Where your Customers are – Give them what they want, How they want it!

  4. Hire the BEST – But let them do what you hired them for. Do not micro-manage creativity. If you want to do something innovative – bring in people who KNOW HOW TO DO THAT. It’s good to outsource – but let them do what they do.

  5. VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO – Tell a story! Develop a narrative. And then document the experience.

    1. 2 Types of video you should be creating:

      1. 1) That is Planned and presents the polished image and

        1. 2) A behind-the-scenes that show authenticity.

  6. Make it EXTREMELY simple for the consumer to activate your CTA. Drive everything back to the ONE THING YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DO.

  7. Go Big or Go Home! (Make it Emotional) Use the FEAR OF MISSING OUT to your customers. Make them feel like I “Emotionally Must Take Part in This”. BUT – Use “Fear” sparingly. Don’t make everything “This is your last chance” or your will dilute your ability to use it. Be strategic in your FOMO.

  8. Leverage Influencers with DIVERSE AUDIENCES – This will allow you to saturate a market from multiple angles.

9. Social Media has the AMAZING power to AMPLIFY... but AMPLIFY the good AND the bad. If you promise and do not deliver... you will hear about it... PUBLICLY.

10 . EVERY Business is in the business of TRUST. Trust through Collaboration and Influencers enables Scale. It takes TIME to develop trust. It is almost impossible to BUY trust. Customers TRUST the relationship from whom they are getting the message.... or they don’t. You need to have honesty and authenticity. Customers demand transparency. It is easy to put up a “front” on social media, but you can and will be found out eventually.

Do your best to use social media to promote the AMAZING and GREAT things going on.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

After listening to the session above you should have a better understanding of:

Move beyond marketing your products/apps/services and focus on experience marketing

  • Empower today’s digitally connected consumer by capturing attention, maintaining attention and creating buzz

  • Understand why influencer marketing in 2019 requires much more than a celebrity posting an orange tile and how every business can leverage influencer marketing at scale

  • Spend more time understanding your customer while embracing the importance of transparency and authenticity in good times and when things go up in flames!

For those that want to look at the slides you can do so here:

Additional coverage of this keynote:

"No one trusts your brand or logo; nobody cares what you do," Fanzo said. "But if you want to expand your brand or audience, you must establish trust."

If you haven’t seen the documentaries about Fyre Festival, you should. In this session, Brian outlines key lessons from the Fyre Festival debacle. Here are a few of the lessons/mistakes made.


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