How Innovation is Shifting to Omni Sensory Experiences

As we look towards the future of innovation the question becomes what will the world look like powered by artificial intelligence integrated with augmented and virtual reality.  

Before we can answer that question we must look at that underlying trends of today’s technology and why and how we are seeking these new experiences.  I believe we’ve spent the last 10 years using technology and digital media to distance ourselves from the human experience to the point where unplugging and meeting face to face has become the cool unique experience.  That trend has started to shift as we seek more humanized experiences enabled by technology and won’t settle for technology or digital media disrupting our lives.  

I believe this trend means we’re moving from technology being an endpoint and online communication being about messages to technology being an amplification of experiences and online communication being about conversations.

The future of innovation is collaboration and that collaboration will be powered and connected by conversations and trust.  This includes human to human, human to machine, machine to machine and beyond.  On this episode I take a look at these trends and make predictions around sensory collaboration where the new innovations will include multiple levels of sensory activations.

Virtual reality will be the empathy engine of the future transforming how we think, see and feel the world!

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Virtual reality will be the empathy engine of the future transforming how we think, see and feel the world!Click To Tweet


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