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About Brian Fanzo

I'm a Proud Dad of 3 girls under 5 years of age living in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am a geek for technology, social media and gadgets.  Have an amazing wife who supports everything I do.  I'm known on social as @iSocialFanz... 

 At Broadsuite I focus on initiatives that connect paid, owned and earned digital channels through maximizing community involvement and content utilizing social and technology. I enjoy teaching and leading change helping B2B’s, small businesses and technology companies connect, communicate and become active members of their communities both internal with employee advocacy and personal branding and externally utilizing community events such as weekly Google+ hangouts, Twitter Chats and video podcasts. I help brands orchestrate content marketing tactics that situate their brands at the moments that matter to their audiences by focusing on creating content and social engagement that provides value while helping customers solve problems where often times earned and owned will trump paid.

I have a passion for teaching and inspiring change in social, community and technology! I was recently named:

+ Top 25 Social Business Leaders of 2014 via IBM & The Economist Intelligence Unit

+ Top 50 People Most Retweeted by Digital Marketers in 2014 via Social Fresh