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Influencer and Brand Partnerships

Working with Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz

Brian refers to himself as the CEO of Team No Niche. He has many different passions that connect to his diverse background and experiences. This might complicate branding, but when it comes to influencer and brand partnerships, Brian is the ideal creator to work with across multiple verticals and target demographics. 

Here you'll find an overview of many of the projects Brian has worked on, creating 6-figures of revenue each of the past 5 years just from influencer and brand collaborations.

BrianFanzo Creator Sunset Cabo Mexico
AdobeSparkAmbassador Brian Fanzo Grid
MGM Virtuoso Travel Influencer Event
Restream + ECamm
Brian Fanzo Be Good To People

Types of influencer + brand 


Industries & Demographics

Type of content & Media

Portfolio & Media Kit

Influencer + Brand Collaborations

SXSW Panel IBM.jpg



Live and Virtual event amplification through content creation, social media posts and hosting media such as on-site podcasts and live streaming shows.

Clients include:

IBM Social Biz, Cloud and Watson, HP Discover, Mobile World Congress, UFC, Dell Technologies, Yahoo, SXSW, SocialFresh, Digital Summit

GoDaddy Influencer Collaboration 301 Ser



Creator partnerships are focused primarily on me as a creator and less about providing reach or amplification.  Sponsored podcasts, hosting of virtual events, interview shows and Instagram Takeovers

Clients include:

Samsung, 9Spokes, Adobe Doc Cloud, Adobe Spark, SanDisk, Avnet, Salesforce, Oracle, iOgrapher and AIC Hotel Group




Content collaboration is built on aligning both my audience and the brands audience to create content on both channels from blogs, virtual events, videos or internal podcasts.

Clients include:

Adobe Spark, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Restream.IO, GoDaddy, Paypal, Hard Rock Hotels, MGM Grand Hotels, SAP Small Biz, SAP Cloud, SASsoftware, 



Launches & Campaigns

This includes more traditional influencer marketing offers where the brand has a goal or launch set and want to work with me.  Each is personalized based on brand success.

Clients include:

Superbowl 50, SAP Sapphire, Dell World, No Kid Hungry, GoDaddy, Wix, Fiveer, Adobe Creative Cloud, PRNews, 3M, Fast Company

Influencer Collabortion

Brand Ambassador

Adobe Think Tank.jpg

Keynote Speaking

SocialMedia Day San Diego Camera on Bria

Coaching & Workshops

Oracle Influencer Workshop.jpg

Virtual Speaker & Emcee

National Speakers Association Virtual Sp
Ambassador Workshps

Custom Programs and Opportunities

Audience Demographic

Pager-wearing Millennial but Multi-generational Influencer

58% Female - 42% Male

64% USA - 6% Canada - 5% UK - 5% Middle East

Client & Brands

Enterprise Tech + B2B + Consumer Software & Gear

Brian has worked with many of the fortune 200 brands while also working with local small business and startups.

Social Media Following

300k+ Followers

100k+ Downloads 

Twitter Largest audience at 127k+

Video Most Engaged on Linkedin

40k+ Profile visits monthly

2 Podcasts 20k/mo downloads

Content & Media Creation

Talks Fast & Tweets Faster

Creates 5-10 pieces of content weekly

Has hosted over 3k Live Streams

Episode podcast and video content cross-promoted with organic and paid strategies.

GoPro Montegro Travel Influencer iSocial

Travel & Hospitality

AIC Hotel Group, Hard Rock Hotel, Virtuoso Travel, eTourism Summit, Peak 15 Systems, MGM Grand

Oracle Instagram Takeover

Sales & Marketing

Inbound, Content Marketing World, Social Media Marketing World, Marketo Nation, Social Shake-Up, SXSW, Video Marketing World, SocialFresh, Digital Summit


B2B & Cust Exp.

B2BMx, Marketing Profs, Oracle MCX, HP World, Hubspot Inbound, SAP Saphire, Workfront, Sitel Summit,

IBM Influencer Launch Collage.jpg

Enterprise & High Tech

Association of Higher Technology Distribution, IBM Dev World, Adobe Summit, Oracle Marketing, VMworld, AWS ReInvent, Gartner Experience, Mobile World Congress, Dell EMC


Gov & Non-Profit

DISA Summit, Military Influencer Summit, No Kid Hungry, Dot Org, Gartner Gov Symposium, Uni Madison Wisconsin, Learning Dev Conference

GaryVee iSocialFanz SXSW.jpg

Entrepreneur & Lifestyle

Google Startup World, US Sailing Leadership Forum, Superbowl 50, Professional Beauty Association, Women’s Experience Expo, National Speakers Association

Audience Demo
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