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What ADHD can teach you about entrepreneur productivity

This was originally posted a while ago but with so much conversation happening across my social media channels since Covid19 hit I figured it would be good to repost this with some updated links and insights... I also broke down my hacks and best practices for working from home with ADHD here.

Since being diagnosed with ADHD at 31 years old I've made it my mission to be transparent and upfront about the impact of being diagnosed has had on me personally as a Dad and my entrepreneurship journey. I firmly believe that as we become more transparent as a digital culture the value of owning our own individual vulnerabilities will be directly linked to our individual success as well as our relatability to the community.

I've always enjoyed being the champion of the outcasts, tapping into my ability to debunk myths and disrupt the status quo by allowing people to stereotype or have a preconceived notion of who we are or what we’re about only to prove they couldn't have been more wrong.

During my BeYourself keynote I share that I was diagnosed with ADHD and currently take Adderall I usually get 1 of 3 responses:

  1. WOW, I can’t believe he just shared that so openly with the world!

  2. Yeah I think everyone has a little bit of ADHD especially entrepreneurs

  3. That makes sense Brian has all the signs of someone with ADHD.

Interestingly enough being diagnosed with ADHD at 31 years old had a massive impact on me and it isn’t for the reasons you might think.

I believe what ADHD taught me is what all leaders who have found success discover at some point in their careers.

As I shared on this episode my BeYourself: Monetizing Your Personal Brand course is the playbook I used to grow my brand from less than 3k in 2013 to over 300k in 2017.

Links Mentioned in this episode:

More on this topic coming with my new PODCAST: PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON


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