Mint 365

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Why are we minting an NFT every day??

I wanted to help everyone see the power of NFTs but couldn't handle all the questions and knew many wouldn't believe till they witnessed the magic themselves..


But while in New York for NFTNYC event we were at the exclusive premier of Beeples documentary with One39pm where Beeple was interviewed by GaryVee on his 1000 art masterpiece that sold at Sotherbys as 1 NFT for 69.3 Million.

It hit me that we could bring the audience on a transparent journey with us but the project would need to be a bit crazy for them to want to play along without having to invest.  And if they wanted a percentage of the NFT being sold on day 365 then we could offer an NFT 365 Season Pass and they could join the experience.

So 7 days later on 11.11.21 NFT 365 + MINT 365 were launched! 

Because we love numbers and the meaning behind numbers it seemed perfect as season 1 will end on 11.11.22 and on that day we will learn how much this project was worth. 

But till then join the adventure! 

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