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Exclusive SuperPOWERED Community

focused on empowering those crazy enough to believe they can change the world.  

4 Stadiums of Focus in Fanzone

Fanzone is an exclusive SuperPOWERED membership community for those holding $ADHD coin.

In 2021 it's a fact that EVERYONE is multi-faceted and FANZONE is built for those who are just that with the options for members to niche down in a specific area depending on their season of business or current focus.  

1. Multi-hyphanted Entrepreneur: (Personal Branding, Business Growth, Mindset & Content Marketing)

2. Speaker MISFITS: (Professional Speaking, Storytelling and the Business of Speaking)

3. Creator Economy: (Influencer Marketing, Brand Partnership, Content Sponsorship and blockchain monetization: Creator coins, Crypto, NFTs)

4. SuperPOWERED Leaders: ( Futurist Mindset, Mental Health Awareness, Self-Care, Cross-Generational Communication)

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