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Clubhouse: 3 Moderator Roles Every Room Must Have

Clubhouse: 3 Moderator Roles Every Room Must Have

Anyone can be a Moderator on #Clubhouse but the reason MOST Clubhouse rooms are a chaotic mess is that to be a great moderator it's much more work than talking the loudest or just launching a room. This is episode 6 of a new #Clubhouseapp series focused on the roles of being a moderator and the TRUST triangle that I coach moderators of panels to embrace. In this video I focus on defining roles and managing the expectations of moderators is essential. Not only defining the roles of the moderators before the room is started but also what the operating procedures will be as the room changes and evolves over time. Things to remember: How long each moderator can dedicate, the procedure for moderator needing to step away, the ability of moderator to bring up another speaker, format, and structure of questions, how to cut-in and manage disruptions. 3 Types of Moderators 1. Room Creator: Lead Moderator 2. Stage Curator: Organizing Microphone Chaos 3. Audience Connector: Empowering Active & Passive Participation Let me know your thoughts here in the comments or connect with me on Clubhouse username isocialfanz and when on stage you'll see my name as: FANZO! Episode 1: Clubhouse: Why YOU must be on Clubhouse: Conversations over Content Episode 2: Clubhouse: How to Navigate the App and Manage Invites Episode 3: Clubhouse: Answering the 2 Most Popular Questions: Followers & Moderating Episode 4: Clubhouse: How to Generate Business without funnels or selling in the Dms! Episode 5: Clubhouse: What to do in your FIRST week to standout & grow! Episode 6: Clubhouse: Three Roles Elite Moderators Focus on creating safe and dynamic rooms *Episode 7: Clubhouse: 10 Words to stop saying & 5 things that ruin your credibility *Episode 8: Clubhouse: Keyes to asking GREAT Questions *Episode 9: Clubhouse: How to build community and the strategy for rooms & club growth *Episode 10: Clubhouse: The Hacks & Tips to set yourself up for Monetization *Episodes 6-10 will be posted Feb 1 -5th… Make sure to subscribe! Let’s Connect: I’ve launched a NEW YouTube: 😎 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 🖐️ Linkedin: 👉 Facebook: 🎙️ TikTok: 🚨 Keynote Speaker Website: ➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜ Brian Fanzo is a Digital Futurist Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Dad of 3 Girls and Proud Pager-Wearing Millennial! Want more? ➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜➜ Check out Brian’s weekly podcast called FOMOFanz in all podcasts apps or here in your browser: All Brian’s Gear and Equipment For His Home Studio can be found here:
Clubhouse: How to Navigate the App and Manage Invites