How to Use Live Video to Promote YouTube Videos w/ @Schmittastic

30-DAYS-TO-BETTER-VLOGGING-page-image-2While in San Diego for Social Media Marketing World I talked about the power of leveraging your DIGITAL EYEBALLS to #ThinkLikeAFan and when it comes to YouTube my go to person for everything around video blogging is my friend Amy Schmittauer aka Savvy Sexy Social.  Amy is not only a fellow bad ass speaker but she is a podcaster, Vlogger, creator of SSSveda and just recently released a 30 DAYS TO BETTER VLOGGING guide that you must sign up for, even if we weren’t friends I’d tell you to sign up!

Checkout a fun video we did together at SMMW16 where I periscope live stream while she is interviewing me.  See that video below but don’t watch that till you watch Amy’s polished, produced and professional one first!

Remember LIVE SOCIAL VIDEO doesn't replace other content you create like YouTube, Podcasts or Vlog's it amplifies it... Click To Tweet

Video show notes:

Published on Apr 19, 2016
Brian @iSocialFanzo Fanzo

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