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Brian Fanzo is A Technology, Gadget Geek Turned Digital Marketer

Here You'll Find All His Live Streaming Video Gear, Podcast Equipment and Home Studio Setup

My focus for Gear & Equipment is:

K.I.S.S. = Gear that’s simple to use & does what I need it to do

Smaller the better if it’s for mobile gear

Durable to be kicked under seat and stuffed in carry-on

Most gear is between “Wanna Be Pro” and Professional

Brian's favorite gear for his home office studio

All links are AFFILIATE links

Home Office:

Office Chair:

Web Camera:

Home Office Lighting: (Green screen setup)


Video Microphone: 

Podcast Microphone: 



This desk is my favorite piece of equipment in my home office as its programmable, sturdy, large enough for two monitors and looks great!


Podcasting setup

Entry-level to intermediate to professional

All The Equipment You Need For Podcasting:

Host of FOMOFanz SMACtalk Podcasts!

Audio: It’s all in the ear of the listener!

With podcasting, you’d think you get what you pay for but the difference in sound quality is minimal when comparing the three levels of microphones Brian has used over the last 4 years.

Podcast Microphones:

Entry Level:

My Video Podcast Mic: