I’m a gear geek and I’m not afraid to admit it…  Below you’ll find Amazon links to all of the equipment that I use for live video recording on Facebook Live and Periscope, Streaming my podcast via live video, My home equipment setup for my video studio in my house and my Tech Speaker Kit. 

*Gear is something I try to stay away from in conversation because it’s really about what you’ve tried and their might be better gear available but this is the equipment that I found that works best for me iSocialFanz!

Tech Travel Kit For Keynote Speakers

At Home Equipment For Your Video Studio:

Software Speakers Must Have

Powerpoint & Keynote on Mac

To leverage new live streaming apps Periscope, FireTalk, Facebook Live YouTube and more, gear isn’t a requirement and as you can read here.  All you really need is an iPhone and iPhone headset is all you need to leverage the live streaming apps available today.  When working with brands I try hard to not only leverage the technology but to go above and beyond to provide quality audio and video but don’t get confused my goal isn’t perfection or to compete with a professional video production rather it’s to keep the mobile aspect while increasing the quality and experience for my live viewers.

You can watch a video I recorded on periscope going over this gear as I was packing up for a recent brand sponsored live stream event here.  I’m always open to testing out new gear and I don’t believe I have the perfect setup yet, but I’m starting to test and tweak more which makes me a happy geek.  Want me to test out your gear?  Send me an email to Brian@iSocialFanz.com

Full disclosure: I’m an Apple Fanboy (“i” in iSocialFanz is for Apple) but also love the features and benefits of Android devices.  For me you don’t have to hate one product to prove you love another.  Therefore you’ll see below a couple options as I’ve found different use cases for different types of tripods or lenses depending on the project.

You can also checkout more of my #ThinkLikeAFan Live Streaming Work here.


WATCH BELOW as I share my thoughts on the features I like about the live streaming microphones, battery packs, tripod mounts and lenses that I use. 

Podcast Setup