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Influencer Marketing: How To Discover The Girl Next Door!

Your audience may not be on certain social channels but your influencer might be. Ex: If your product is jeans that cater to moms, the moms aren’t on Snapchat BUT their daughters, who they look to for what’s cool, are!

Influencers have to be trusted. Celebrities can be huge influencers but if they promote something that is obviously promotional and not genuine nobody thinks it’s sincere and it can hurt more than it helps.

Influencer campaigns don’t need to be paid efforts, brands can often provide other forms of compensation through experience, access and connections etc.

From Influencer To Influencer Marketing Strategist & Keynote Speaker

In early 2014, I launched two Twitter chat shows as a co-host, Social Business Hour and Cloud Talk. Both included a video component leveraging Google Hangouts to do live video interviews with our guests while bringing in questions and linking the hashtag conversations on Twitter.  During this time I was also awarded the Top 25 Social Business Leader by the Economist and IBM and became the face of my startup speaking at industry tech events: AWS, VMworld, and Gartner.

In the summer of 2014, I decided to make the jump to becoming an entrepreneur and professional speaker.  During my first year as an entrepreneur I partnered up with multiple digital agencies and jumped all-in on live streaming video platforms Meerkat, Periscope and Facebook Live.  Between March 2015 and December 2016 I created over 1,800 live video streams which resulted in being nominated for the first ever Periscope of the year shorty award in 2016.  

It’s now 2017, and I’ve spoken at nearly 75 events in 13 countries, launched projects with enterprise technology brands such as IBM, Dell, SAP, Samsung, Adobe, Cisco, Applebees, and others.  I host two podcasts and have grown my iSocialFanz personal brand and digital footprint to over 200K including 115K followers on my @iSocialFanz Twitter account.  


In 2015:

In 2016:

Community Love

Why Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz will be the first true transcendent social business star! Medium by Chris Strub

“If I’m running any business with the slightest bit to gain from social media, the first “influencer” I’m dialing is Brian Fanzo. (If the man’s on pace to change the world, I’m pretty sure he can sell your widgets.)

And if I’m a rookie entrepreneur of any age looking to get up-to-speed with the digital scene in 2016, I’m pouring every resource I’ve got into catching up with the young, backwards-hatted, bright-shoed Brian Fanzo.”

Training Mindset: Foundation for Digital Storytelling

Much of Brian’s success as a technology influencer, thought leader and global speaker is rooted in what he likes to refer to as having a Training Mindset. When building out live streaming and influencer marketing projects with big brands, Brian uses his #ThinkLikeAFan philosophy, which connects the Training Mindset with the community, information, experiences, places and people.

Brian will connect the dots with real-world examples from his Training Mindset to bleeding edge tools and technology such as live streaming and digital storytelling. Brian’s passion for what he does will be evident from the first minute you meet him at the event till he walks off the stage. You’ll see him with multiple devices live streaming, tweeting, and snapchatting — but don’t worry, stop him and ask questions; Brian loves to train and share how and why he does what he does.

Past Keynote Topics Brian Has Delivered Between 2014-2017

Social Business (Social Media Marketing, Employee Advocacy & Influencer Marketing)

  • The Future of Innovation is Collaboration
  • Digital Engagement, Empowering Brands Greatest Assets It’s Employees!
  • How to Leverage Social Media to ShowUcare & Turn Handshakes into Hugs & Selfies
  • Think Like A Fan – How Brands Can Leverage Live Streaming
  • We > Me: The Future of Business is Collaboration & Community
  • FOMO Marketing: Designing a business mindset that allows you to avoid the fear of missing out
  • Sharing Your Story in 140 Characters; Art of Personal Branding
  • Realtime at the Righttime: How to leverage live streaming social video
  • Limitations Inspire Creativity: Measuring & empowering the creators of tomorrow!
  • Building A Digital Platform: How brands empower personal branding of employees to drive business and employee success

Millennial Thought Leadership (Generational, Collaboration & Community)

  • Millennial Mindset: It’s not about the year you were born but ability to embrace change
  • We > Me: The Future of Business is Collaboration & Community
  • Sharing Your Story in 140 Characters; Art of Personal Branding
  • Limitations Inspire Creativity: Measuring & empowering the creators of tomorrow

Technology (Mobility, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Data & Analytics)

  • Translating Geekspeak: Art of digital storytelling in a digital age
  • The Future of Innovation is Collaboration
  • Think Like A Fan – How Brands Can Leverage Live Streaming
  • FOMO Marketing: Designing a business mindset that allows you to avoid the fear of missing out
  • Key’s to Technology Adoption: 3T’s: Trust, Training & Tools
  • SMACtalk: Digital Transformation requires bridging of technology & culture silos

2017 Speaking Gigs

NADP, Leadership Conference, Jan 10th, 2017

SXSW, March 11-19

Adobe Summit, March 19-22,2017

Social Media Marketing World March, 22-24, 2017

Marketo Summit, April 23-26, 2017

Odense Denmark April 27, 2017


My Personal Branding Success

How has personal branding helped you and your business?

Investing in my personal brand has, without a question, been the number one business driver and personal success tactic over the last three years. I found great success through hard work and built a great team. The results of that work helped me during the promotions and brought me the visibility I needed to be successful with my company. Upon embarking on my entrepreneurship journey, I knew that I had a story to tell and value to add, but I needed people to be able to find me, understand my story and trust me to deliver on what I promised. Investing in personal branding allowed me to do just that and more.

What are the steps you take to make sure your personal brand doesn’t get affected?

I believe communities are the future of business, and no one client, one project or one event is worth jeopardizing the trust I have built within my community. I believe that with great trust and influence come both, great power and great responsibility. I’m more focused on what’s in it for them and how I can serve the community better. Your personal brand is what you make it. For me, building a community that will follow me regardless of where I go and that knows the good, the bad and the ugly will always keep me in check and focused on my passions and purpose.

Out of all the activities you do for personal branding, which is that one thing that never disappoints to get exposure?

Without question, the number one thing for me when it comes to growing my personal brand is celebrating other thought leaders in my industry and fellow speakers in my community that share my passion and purpose. I know I’m not perfect and I don’t know everything. I firmly believe that “We > Me” and that I don’t need to worry about being perfect or know everything. My community will celebrate me and provide me with maximum exposure. I do believe what I do will benefit my community.

“What is the Biggest Challenge for Brands in Influencer Marketing Today?”

Finding the right influencers for the right influencer marketing campaign is where most brands fail.  This failure occurs because they start their influencer marketing efforts with who they want to work with or what platforms they want to use rather than asking themselves the following questions first:

  • What business goals do we seek to achieve or business problems we want to solve?
  • What does success look like for us the brand, the influencer and the community?
  • What data will we have available to measure these objectives?

The recent documented success of “niche influencers” and new media influencer collaborations on networks such as Snapchat, Instagram and are a direct result of brands focusing on success, business goals and how to measure before thinking about who they will work with and what networks they’ll leverage.  The reason this mindset shift is so important is because there is more than one type of influencer and in many cases a campaigns success requires working with more than one type of influencer.

The three types of influencers:

  1. Celebrity / Social Amplifier
  2. Subject Matter Experts / Employees
  3. Thought Leader / Connectors

Brands must embrace this new approach so they can document the success of these influencer marketing campaigns and begin establishing partnerships, not just one off contracts with influencers allowing them to build unique campaigns to solve unique business objectives.