Press The Damn Button: The Digital Mindset Shift Required to Stand-Out and Change the World!

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or if you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or leader in a fortune 500 business, investing in telling your story and creating content is paramount for achieving your personal and business goals in 2018 and beyond.  The problem is nobody outside of marketers like to market or sell themselves, and the idea of “branding” your story or putting yourself out there is not only scary but unnatural.

The smartphone and social media have transformed how we as customers and professionals consume and create content, network with clients and most importantly humanize our business.  It used to be about online vs. offline, but today it’s about embracing a world that’s hyper-connected that requires on-demand access to people, places, and experiences. It’s essential that each of us tells our story while embracing the fact that we are all the producers of own reality series and as producers, our story is only compelling if we shift our mindset and allow people into our world by pressing the damn button.  

In this keynote Brian will walk the audience through the importance of being “relatable” online and why it doesn’t matter if it’s starting a blog, launching a podcast, going live on Facebook live or creating an episodic video series for YouTube, you must shift your mindset, create a strategy and most importantly PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON!

Audiences will walk away inspired and motivated with an understanding of the following:

  • Importance of sharing your digital WHY with the world as Perfection is a fairytale, control is an illusion and what you do is boring.
  • Transparency doesn’t guarantee trust and authenticity, but when leveraged strategically it becomes the key to growing a community and being relatable in this always-on world.
  • Why your vulnerabilities and limitations when embrace become your strongest assets for connecting and fostering digital relationships
  • To create a memorable digital storytelling strategy you must first create content where you’re most comfortable with focusing on the platforms where your customers and community are engaging.
  • Nobody will tell you that you’re helping too much, you care too much or that your story related with them too much but your story reaches NOBODY till you PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON