What's Included When Hiring Brian Fanzo As Your KeynoteSpeaker Not Just Another Fly-In, Speak, Fly-Out Keynote Speaker

As I was building out a strategy to standout as a speaker, leverage the digital footprint and personal brand I’ve built and get noticed by event professionals and speaker agencies I wanted to “drink my own champagne” and #ThinkLikeaFan

Brian Fanzo Speaker Digital Transformation

What that means is I wanted my speaker business to be built on my principles and I wanted to leverage what I learned over the years attending events, study the current trends of the speaker industry and collaborate with great speakers I admire. 

Every industry is going through a digital transformation and the speaker industry is no different which is why I’ve included unique value add components to my contracts for all my full fee paid speaking gigs to not only standout from the crowd but also #ThinkLikeAFan and do things I wished speakers did that I was a fan of early in my career.

Below are each of the components that I’ve included for all full paid speaking gigs. I include live embed examples of each

Attend the Conference for 6+ Hours

When I say I want to partner with an event, I 100% want to help the event organizer and sponsors look good but I also want to be part of the community, engaging with the audience and supporting fellow speakers.

Guaranteeing that I’ll be at the conference for a minimum of 6 hours eliminates the opportunities for me to speak at 2 events in one day and often times makes booking gigs on back to back days difficult but I made a promise to myself that I would never give into the trend of speakers flying in, speaking and leaving out the backdoor. Losing out on same day gigs is well worth it IMO as I’m able to build relationships with attendee’s and be welcomed into the community which I believe has helped me book gigs at the same event back to back years which I heard seldom happens with most speakers.

Example 1: Dell Unconference #Social360 I’ve been able to speak at 3 of their events over 18 months as I now call many Dell employees and fellow Dell speakers friends.  I was there and they asked me to do an additional session.

Example 2: Being part of the event allows me to celebrate others but also engage and share what I learn at the event with my 120k engaged Twitter Followers. Social Media Marketing World put on by Social Media Examiner is the largest social media marketing event in the world and I’m proud to say that Twitter data shared by Traackr shows that not only do I tweet a lot but I also drive the most engagement on the event hashtag #SMMW17

Promotional Video Announcement/Ad:

This trend seems to be growing as announcing new speakers being added to a lineup not only should help sell tickets to the event but if partnering with the right speaker it can attract new sponsors, other speakers and an active community new potential attendees.

I always offer to post the video to my personal InstagramTwitterLinkedinand Facebook Page as well as give the brand the raw file to leverage in anyway they see fit.

If the brand wants to use this as a Facebook/Instagram ad then it must be under 1 minute long, otherwise I try to keep videos under 3 minutes long.

Example 1: (US Sailing Leadership Forum for Facebook Ad)

Example 2: Used Facebook Live from the brand account Social Fresh to interview other speakers & discuss what we were looking forward to at the event!

Website & Social Promotion

I’ve worked hard for the last 5 years to build a dynamic, engaged community through social media as my focus has been sharing my knowledge and bringing people along with me on my entrepreneur journey.

Because I’m always giving and engaging with my community they’re always excited to celebrate my wins and promote brands I’m working with.  When sharing my wins I try to focus on why I’m excited, what this partnership/event/keynote will be about and how they can get involved. (Especially if an event has a digital ticket for live streaming of the event for sale)

My speaking ride has been an interesting one and my community was asking for more and more speaker content and behind the scenes that in 2017 I event launched a speaker only instagram which allows me to promote and share even more of this content.

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