Digital Relationships: Good, Bad and Ugly!

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Since the dawn of time, relationships have been the drivers of successful business. Forged by mutual interest, fueled by trust and reciprocation, relationships are powerful business pillars. Technology has removed distance from the relationship equation and our ability to friend, nurture, and sustain rewarding relationships continues to increase. What defines a good, bad, and ugly relationship in our digital world?

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In this episode Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman break down the need for, the difficulties, and the general misconception around digital relationships. Jabbing, hooking, and jabbing again are the daily activities of the average business professional. We all have relationships that need to be supported. But what can we be doing to create better relationships in this digital age? Brian shares that he recently asked his community an interesting question regarding scaling digital relationships. Would you rather someone reply to 5% of their inbound messages personally or outsource that task and respond to 80%? The community responded that without question they would prefer a person to respond to 5% of their messages and know that they are getting a personal response from that individual versus a team member. Do you agree?SMACtalkNewmanFanzo

Feeling pressured to have large networks and continuously appearing to be active and “social” on these networks has forced business professionals to automate and in some cases neglect important relationships.  While both Daniel and Brian are fans of social media automation they agree that making time for one on one communication is far more productive than one to many. Listen to this episode to hear what tools, hacks, and tactics you can start using today to forge better digital relationships.
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