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  • SMMW18 Facebook Live Panel Jennifer Watson WeAreCisco SAP Southwest Airlines

    Value of Attending Industry Events for Brand Marketers with Jennifer Watson

    When it comes to finding value in attending events and industry conferences, FOMOfanz podcast host Brian Fanzo can provide a laundry list of reasons, tips and value. But it would be out of turn for him to speak for brand marketers as he’s never been a brand marketer himself. So on episode 094 of the […]

  • Entrepreneurship Brian Fanzo

    Why you must separate entrepreneurs and thought leaders into 2 groups!

    On this episode host Brian Fanzo is fired up and in the mood to rant as so many entrepreneurs and those in digital marketing are looking up to and following the wrong people when it comes to business.  How does Brian know this, he did the same thing for multiple years and once he realized […]

  • Just Try This! But Don't Let A Rubik's Cube Make You Emotional! #FF093

    Just Try This! Find Inspiration From A Rubik’s Cube

    This is a very special FOMOFanz podcast episode for host Brian Fanzo as the number 93 is very important to him as you’ll learn in this episode and he’s going to use that as motivation to talk about a wide range of things including: Listen below or on iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | or search “FOMOFanz” in your favorite podcasting […]

  • FYRE Festival FomoFanz Podcast

    Fyre Festival: Marketing lessons from the event and the Netflix and Hulu documentaries!

    The entire Fyre Festival is a case study in itself of what BAD people can do with great power and visibility but I would take it a step further and say both of these documentaries took it upon themselves to attack industries, generations, and professions based on this one massive one big bad example.

  • FOMOFanz Podcast: Personal Branding Brian Fanzo

    Personal Branding: Why It’s More Important In 2019 Than Ever Before!

    The idea of personal branding is not new, in fact many would argue marketers have been beating the personal branding drum to an almost annoying level over the past 7 years.   Personal brand adoption seems to have taken hold with entrepreneurs, executives and those that consider themselves a “thought leader” but I believe not […]

FOMOFanz Podcast

Curing Your Fear Of Missing!

FOMOfanz is simplifying the complex and translating the geek speak to cure your fear of missing out.  Hosted by Brian Fanzo, Founder of iSocialFanz, global millennial keynote speaker, and change evangelist.  Brian leverages his 9 years working in cyber security for the Department of Defense, his 2 years in cloud computing and social business combined with the past 4 years as an international keynote speaker and CEO of a social media strategy agency to share a unique perspective on a wide range of topics.  Brian is best known by @iSocialFanz the personal brand he’s grown to over 250k followers while being a proud Millennial and Dad of three girls.  FOMOfanz leverages Brian’s Think Like A Fan philosophy to provide unique access for his community live streaming the podcast each while being a daily content creator on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Live and Periscope.  Brian also co-hosts a podcast called SMACtalk with Daniel Newman which focuses on social, mobile, analytics and cloud that’s in it’s 4th year.  

The goal of FOMOfanz is to turn your fear of missing out on the joy of missing out by keeping you up to date with the latest trends as well providing actionable insights around social media marketing, live streaming, digital storytelling, social business collaboration as well as the millennial mindset.  The speed of digital transformation and technology change combined with the fact that 50% of the workforce will be millennials by 2020, requires that all leaders shrink the distance between the customers and the decision makers.  By listening to this show each week you’ll be able to understand what your customers and employees are doing today while being prepared for the change of tomorrow.