Why It’s The Worst-Best Time To Be An Entrepreneur

The idea of what an entrepreneur is the value of entrepreneurship has drastically transformed over the last many years.  No matter which way you turn you are flooded with online courses teaching you how to get rich quick and the pontification of entrepreneurs that upon reaching great success want to highlight their rags to riches “memories.”

But few talk about their failures while they are failing, their struggles as they are struggling or the crazy rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship in 2018.  I decided to change up the conversation around entrepreneurship on my most recent episode of FOMOFanz, as I worked 9 years for an enterprise company and 2 years as a startup before becoming an entrepreneur 5 years ago and it’s no doubt been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  In 2016 I wrote: The Key To Entrepreneurship Is What You Don’t Know & Entrepreneurship Taught Me I Suck At These 10 Things but little did I know at the time that 2017 would be the hardest year for me.  

  • Do you ever feel like you lost your way as an entrepreneur?
  • Do you question if you hit rock bottom?
  • Are you pivoting your business because it seems like everyone else is doing it a different way and finding success?
  • Do you find yourself celebrating others success while secretly wondering what you are doing wrong as an entrepreneur?
  • Do you question if entrepreneurship is right for you monthly, while weekly celebrating the fact you work for yourself and love what you do?

Well, you aren’t alone and on this episode, I shared my thoughts on all of these topics while getting personal about what I’ve learned this past year and why I’m 100% confident that I’m going to crush 2018.  

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Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and in 2018 the ability to consume, create, watch and learn often times can be overwhelming while at the same time if you have the right mindset and surround yourself with the right people turns out to be one hell of a journey.

Please have a listen and share this episode with anyone who is an entrepreneur or thinking about diving into entrepreneurship as the rags to riches stories are far and few between and sadly many jump into being an entrepreneur with all the wrong reasons and false expectations.

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