Why #TwitterHeart & #TwitterMoments have me excited for #TwitterKISS

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If you were on the internet at all yesterday you probably saw more STARS and HEARTS than you ever knew was possible. For most it was about poking fun and calling attention to the fact that people on social media will get excited and go off on just about anything, even something as simple as changing a start to a heart on Twitter. For me this was a HUGE change and one I LOVE and I’m going to break down exactly why I love it and what I believe it means for the future of twitter, ad revenue and making a twitter that is much closer to the one that I hoped to create if I had become twitter CEO which you can read about here!

Twitter is a firehose of communities, They must focus on simplicity to turn lurkers into power users! Click To Tweet

Watch my periscope live stream here on Katch to hear my thoughts and better understand TwitterKISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!

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