Why Periscope Influencers Value To Brands Exists Not On Periscope!

Periscope Influencers Value To Brands Exists Not On Periscope!

After working with 50+ brands on embracing live streaming apps: Periscope, Meerkat, Blab & Facebook Mentions it has become clear to me that not only is this a hard sell because of the change and the fact the platform is LIVE but also because it’s hard to understand analytics and engagement once the live streaming influencer is no longer streaming.  I have a philosophy that I call UPCYCLE which really means focusing on great content and rather than recycle you upcycle it to different platforms customizing the format but ideally using the same great content and message.  For live streaming influencers especially on Periscope I believe it’s essential to have another social media network as your home for conversations, content and engagement for the hours you aren’t live streaming.  I don’t care if it’s Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter or even Linkedin.  Bridging this audience and educating this audience is key and something that isn’t hard but does require a strategy.  

While in an Uber leaving an event where I was giving a keynote and on a panel with fellow live streamers, I decided to share some of these tips and break down exactly how, why and what needs to be done to create a COMMUNITY of people supporting your live stream rather than a network of followers who exist only on the periscope app.  Watch the replay of that live periscope on Katch below:

You can skip to the 3min mark if you want to bypass the introduction section of my periscope! 

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