Should You Start a Video Blog or a Podcast?

We’re in the midst of digital content overload as we have more channels and types of content to consume than ever before.  I’m asked almost weekly by brands and entrepreneurs which should they create, a video blog or podcast.

This question is an interesting one as I’ve been a podcast host for 4 years and currently host two podcasts while also being an evangelist for live video creating over 1800 live streams in the last 2 years.  You could say I’m stuck in the middle as the recording of this podcast is also live streamed on Facebook Live and Periscope before being stripped from the video and uploaded as a podcast.

To answer this question I took to the app Anchor.FM which recently added a new feature allowing it’s users to upload episodes they create on Anchor to a podcast available in Apple Podcasts and Google Play with the push of one button.  This feature is exciting as creating podcasts has always been a painful process especially for those that aren’t technology savvy.  

Beyond being able to push one button and upload a podcast, the idea of including listeners soundbites, what Anchor calls “Call-ins”, makes Anchor the best option for creating what I call participatory content.  Why is this important?  You’ll have to listen to this episode to find out.

Questions answered during this show:

  1. Vlog Video Blog vs Podcasting?
  2. Why do I live stream the recording of my podcast on Facebook Live & Periscope?
  3. How to measure success of a vlog vs podcast?
  4. What is Anchor.FM and what value does it provide?
  5. What is the future of content marketing for brands and entrepreneurs?
  6. What is participatory content?

Watch the live recording of episode 039 from Facebook Live recording:

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