Twitter UX changes have me excited for the future of Twitter!

Twitter announced that they are simplifying the twitter conversation by not expanding the 140 character limit rather making it less confusing on how many characters you get when you add a link or picture or media or poll and getting rid of annoying things like .@ to send a tweet to all your followers not just the person you @ mentioned.

I LOVE Twitter and believe it’s an amazing platform cause it’s changed my life and allowed me to discover and grow my passion which is:BR2016_Beanbags

Connecting Great People With Great People To Do Great Things!

Checkout this #periscope live stream I did today sharing in detail what all this means and more!

Watch this 23 minute Periscope I did on why I’m excited about the twitter changes and I also talked about:

  • How Twitter Changed My Life
  • When I got started on Twitter
  • Top 3 Things You Can Leverage On Twitter.Com to stand out from the noise!
  • Why I believe in the future of Twitter
  • Twitter taking a K.I.S.S. approach is exciting for every user on twitter and every new user that discovers twitter!
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Here is my Facebook post when I first shared the twitter changes news:

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