A whiteboard strategy for Twitter and NFL Streaming!

As long time fan and believer in the power of twitter, I’ve never been shy in my love for the platform and how its impacted both my personal life and my professional career. At the same time I’ve petitioned that I should be CEO and gone out of my way many times to share tips, strategies and use cases that I’ve personally executed with brands, influencers and power users that could improve twitter.

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After hearing the news of Twitter winning the Thursday Night Football streaming rights, I got on periscope and broke the news to the community. After I got off, I thought to myself, How would I execute my “Think Like A Fan” strategy if I was working at Twitter. I then took about 15 minutes, read the press releases, a couple tweets and then did a brain dump of all the information I had access to at that moment. (Roughly an hour after the news broke)

Below is the Periscope Live Stream where I took that information I had and plugged it into my strategic formula with the goal of “Transforming the Fan Experience” as that was the quote from Jack CEO of Twitter on the value of this NFL partnership.
In this video you’ll see me breakdown my S.E.A.E.R workflow along with a breakdown on how other tools like Vine, Periscope & Twitter Moments should be included in this massive Twitter Execution.

I’m not expert but as someone who builds out strategies for brands on how they can embrace change and new technologies like Snapchat, Live Streaming, Twitter Chats and more… I know that this works and as a super fan of twitter I believe this partnership can be a massive game changer for the platform, it’s reputation and the stock price. But only if they go all-in and take full advantage of everything I discuss here!

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