Top 5 Fear Of Missing Out Podcast Episodes

We are a quarter of the way to 100 episodes which I stated was my goal when I started FOMOFanz podcast back in December of 2016 and I just want to say THANK YOU for your support and watch out for some exciting things in the next 75 episodes.  This will include a NEW interview seasonal show as well as some fun ways of integrating the Facebook Live & Periscope audiences that watch my live recordings each monday at 4pm.

Below are the TOP 5 episodes of the first 25 shows which include a wide mix from tools to defining happiness to strategy for standing out at industry events.  This list shows that like me, many of my listeners enjoy a wide range of topics because life isn’t about doing one thing great it’s about giving everything you do in life 100% of what you got!

Top 5 Episodes:

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1. How to maximize time online, my workflow!

I wanted to kick the podcast off strong so on episode1 I decided to highlight and break down my strategy, the tools I use and my philosophy for embracing the “Fear of Missing Out” without going crazy.

001: Social Media Toolkit Strategy To Cure Your FOMO!

2. Standing out & turning conferences into business development game changers!

On episode 21 I share details from my playbook for conferences and events.  I go over my strategy that enables me not worry about making plans or setting up meetings with brands or executives rather leveraging social listening, a couple apps on my iPhone and post event follow up calendar reminders I’m able to talk business, stand-out during conversations and leverage the time I do get with key leaders at big events like SXSW.

021: Conference and Networking Hacks For Strategic Business Development

3. Prioritizing relationships and who I invest my time with as an entrepreneur!

On episode 14 I picked out a handful of friends, mentors and leaders from the list my top 40 list  to discuss the unique relationship and in many cases the dynamic path to becoming influential in my life.

014: My Secret Weapon: Reimagining Entrepreneur Relationships

4. How I look at happiness and why it’s so important for business success!

I share my thoughts on why I love seeing others celebrate, why it’s important to celebrate your own wins and the value in surrounding yourself with people who want to celebrate with you.  I recorded this on Christmas morning and the mindset I was in, is why I think this episode resonates with so many people!

007: Why Celebrating Us is the Key To Happiness!


5. My 2017 mantra, focus of my online course and key to my digital success: #BeYourself

On episode 5 I decided to drop in the audio from my first keynote on what has become my 2017 focus #BeYourself.  This event was held in NYC and the goal was to inspire, motivate and share, the keys to our success while providing actionable takeaways to all those in attendance.  I still receive notes and messages from this keynote and it’s the fundamental foundation for my BeYourself course.

005: The Secret To Discovering Yourself: Be Yourself!

Remember you can listen to the show on any of the below players and the main way podcast fans find new podcasts to listen to, are suggestions from fellow podcast listeners!  So if you love my show tell a friend, well tell 100 friends if you want but no matter what I hope you’ve enjoyed these first 25 episodes and I look forward to the next 75.

Thanks Brian Fanzo aka @iSocialFanz

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