Disrupting The Marketing Status Quo: Think Like A Fan

If brands created an experience and community that inspired fandom like sports does in every city around the world, would brand marketing stop feeling the need to disrupt every good blog or video with an annoying call to action or ruin every social media platform with self promotional content?


When most people hear the word “fan” they immediately think of sports and someone who dresses up in their favorite teams colors for every game.


Marketing Fan Definition

When most people hear the words “disrupt or transformation” they immediately think of starting something new or blowing up the old.

On this episode I breakdown my “Think Like A Fan” philosophy that focuses on the mindset required to disrupt today’s marketing status quo to prioritize your digital marketing efforts in building trust and relating with employees, customers and prospects.

I discuss these 6 mindset shifts required to embrace a Think Like A Fan strategy:

  1. Eliminate perfection & control
  2. Invest in collaboration + community
  3. Inspire passion + employee advocacy
  4. Stop with content for content’s sake
  5. The field of dreams marketing is broken
  6. We must realize that today people buy from those they like and those they can relate too

After listening to this episode I hope you’re inspired to evaluate all of your marketing efforts and ask these simple questions:

  • What are we doing?
  • Why are we doing this?
  • What is our desired outcome?
  • Is there a better way to do this?
  • Do we need to be doing this at all?

Curious on how to get buy-in on this change make sure you listen to the previous podcast episode How To Get Leadership To Buy-In On Change!


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