The Week The Periscope Twitter Community Changed The World! #SummitLive

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Posted by Twitter on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

In case you didn’t hear — there was a huge Periscope announcement yesterday for the live streaming community.Periscope live streams are now being embedded and played live in the Twitter news feed! I wrote a blog post yesterday calling it a GAME CHANGER just minutes after hearing the news. But this functionality was only part of the reason I was excited. When you look into what this collaboration means, the timing of the release and ultimately the buzz that will be created this week and weeks to come thanks the product update, periscope community empowerment and the 2nd Periscope Community Summit you might just say that the features are getting all the press but these 3 things are what will change the future of live streaming forever!

  1. The New Feature Announcement Highlighted A Periscope Power User Not A Random Celebrity!

Twitter & Periscope featured@Mitch_Oates, a live streaming adventure master from Australia, in the announcement tweets,video, and blog post!

Why is this huge you might be asking?

I’ve said for a long time that Twitter has change my life. It is my favorite platform and I’ve believed that part of their struggle has been community involvement, user education, and little to no advocate empowerment. Well, the fact that Mitch Oates — someone here in SF with me this week was featured — is a GREAT sign of things to come. Perhaps Periscope’s dedication to community will start to wear off on Twitter. Who knows. Maybe we will see them giving advocates and Twitter evangelists swag to give out at events like the SuperBowl.. hint hint!

2. Periscope Founder & CEOKayvon Beykpour Streamed The Announcement From The Twitter handle!


This might not sound like much of a big deal considering Twitter purchased Periscope just less than a year ago. But, trust me — it is! Even though Twitter owns Periscope, the Periscope team is made up of 24 hard working startup mindset employees who rock. From the outside looking in (I’m an advocate for both Twitter & Periscope but have no better access or visibility than anyone. Believe me) Periscope has been working as a startup inside the giant machine that is Twitter. So when I saw that Kayvon was periscoping behind the scenes I was excited because that is what my live streaming philosophy of #ThinkLikeAFan is all about. More importantly, streaming from the Twitter handle shows to the outside that Twitter is all in with Periscope. Honestly, I believe both Twitter and Periscope need to put a face on their brands. The more I listen, learn, and watch Kayvon the more excited I am about how he can drive change with Twitter. Hopefully this is only the start of exciting things to come!

3. Breaking News, Special Sparkly Hearts & Periscope Team Panel During the Periscope Summit Week

The power of Periscope is not in the technology (live streaming isn’t new) and it’s not in the celebrity endorsement or the breaking news featured Periscopes. The power of Periscope is in the COMMUNITY that is leveraging the Periscope platform to come together, tell their story, and ultimately change the world. This week in San Francisco @Ryan_A_Belland his team have pulled together 900+ people for the #SummitLive event to celebrate the stories and people that use Periscope. I was the closing keynote for the 1st Periscope Summit and I wrote afterwards that: “The Periscope Summit Restored My Faith In Humanity!”which really sets the bar high for this year as I’m the host and Emcee.

The feel and vibe for this Summit is different. Not just because the Periscope team will be there for a panel discussion that includes Kayvon and will be hosted by the face of Periscope community, Lili Salzberg. It’s different for the fact Periscope released the new Twitter feature this week. And added a new “sparkly heart” that appears when you Periscope with the event hashtag #SummitLive. That’s showing love and appreciate for community!

11:10–12:00 pm Special Panel with Periscope HQ Team see for full agenda!


This week was huge for the live streaming industry, the creators and twitter/periscopes future for these reasons and more but don’t get me wrong the hard part was done by the developers linking these two apps and content together. I was recently quoted in an Inc article by Joel Comm about this Periscope & Twitter Integration:

“The integration of Twitter and Periscope allows live streaming videos to leverage the global unfiltered fire house of communities, which will create scale and widespread adoption of periscope,”

So maybe I believe this because I’m an eternal optimist and both Twitter and Periscope have changed my personal and professional life. Regardless, I truly believe that more people can feel the same way.

I, Brian Fanzo promise you this — if you follow the #SummitLive hashtag on Twitter and if you watch the event live streams you too will feel the power of community and the power of change.

(Tickets still available if you want to watch this magic in person and as I tell everyone in my community… I don’t want followers or hearts, I want take my online community offline for hugs, selfies and maybe some collaborative periscopes! Buy tickets here!)

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