SXSW Networking Hacks and Strategic Business Development!

It’s my third year in a row heading to South By Southwest and without question SXSW 2015 and 2016 were the biggest business development events for me each year.  

 Now that might sound crazy to most as SXSW is a massive event spread out over many weeks, across many blocks in Austin Texas and so much of the value this event’s value happens in those serendipitous moments of randomness.  But I’ve developed a strategy that enables me to not worry about plans or locking in meetings with brands or executives.  The strategy focuses on leveraging social listening, a couple apps on my iPhone and post event follow up calendar reminders I’m able to talk business, stand-out during conversations and leverage the time I do get with key leaders at big events like SXSW.

I also share the moment in 2015 when Gary Vaynerchuk demonstrated to me what it means to be a leader that backs up his talk about investing in people and community through his actions after his keynote with Jack Welsh.  

I also mention the blog post by Gary where it happens to feature me in the picture at SXSW:

Bonus 5 Audio Only: Automation & Scheduling at events don’t suck, The people using them to spam and blast crap do!

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