Stop Overthinking Video: Press The Damn Button

Video, Video, Video….  Yes video is taking over the internet and much of the content marketing conversation within brand marketing teams today yet most brands aren’t doing the most simple of things: PRESSING THE DAMN BUTTON!

Think Like A Fan Keynote Speaker Brian Fanzo

To stress the value of video I like to reference data which I found in an infographic eClincher created which you can see at the bottom of this post!

  • 78% of US Internet users watch online videos!
  • 90% of Americans Ages 25-34 watch online video
  • 72% of marketers want to learn video marketing
  • Video in social media marketing increases sharing by 10 Times
  • Average time adults spent watching video increased by 195% from 2011-2015

I’ve done 2k+ live videos in the last two years and have the luxury of speaking about my Think Like A Fan philosophy as a keynote speaker at events around the world yet with all this data and everyone talking about the value of video many brands aren’t creating video and those that are still create video as if it’s 1999.

Due to my travel getting screwed up, I wasn’t able to attend a great new event called MarketedLive happening in Derby UK, where I was keynoting on the power of video.  Although I couldn’t attend I created this video which they played for the audience and I believe it summarizes the exact mindset required to create video.  I hope you’ll be inspired to PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON after watching…

Linkedin Video Data

You can watch my weekly podcast FOMOFanz which is live streamed on Facebook Live and Periscope or checkout my YouTube channel to watch more videos I’ve created as I not only preach about the importance of video but I practice it almost daily!

Im even all in on Linkedin Video, you can watch one of my most recent Linkedin native videos here.

I hope you’re inspired to PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON and leverage the power of video! Below is the infographic I mentioned about by eClincher that goes into even more data on the power of video click the infographic to see all 127 facts you probably didn’t know about video!