Ever wonder what the world would be like if Steve Jobs or Henry Ford were living today, they embrace the millennial mindset and believe in the importance and value of collaboration to drive innovation.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”- Henry Ford

Collaboration isn’t about everyone having a task…

It’s about empowering everyone to focus on what they do the best!

The speed of innovation and change in today’s digital world is forcing businesses to re-think and relook at the business value of investing in community.  Take heed – community is the future of business! Smart businesses look at community as not only customers and prospects but also their employees and partners.  

This mindset is being fueled by the rising millennial generation of workers and the rapid adoption of technology and data producing solutions.

In this keynote Brian will:

  • Breakdown the impact digital transformation is having on businesses today, explaining the mindset shift that must happen to build a collaborative culture.
  • Discuss the importance of breaking down collaboration beyond human to human to include collaborating between businesses with technology.
  • Explain why the customer is no longer stupid, and how that affects business communications.
  • Provide examples of collaboration successes and failures – not only in his career at the DoD and multiple startups but also industry examples the audience can relate too.
  • Highlight 5 business changes that need to happen today to start the journey of creating a culture that empowers collaboration to expand innovation.
  • 49% of millennials support using social tools for collaboration in the workplace – IBM
  • 72% of organizations that are successful make customer collaboration at top priority.
  • By 2020 data created by #IoT devices will reach 403 trillion GB annually

Key data & links will be provided throughout the presentation keeping the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats while making sure they capture actionable takeaways enabling them to embrace the power of collaboration.