Sparking Collaboration Requires Digital Online/Offline Synchronization

The value of collaboration for today’s businesses has finally reached critical mass.  With that being said collaboration is often linked to a siloed digital solution or offline, disconnected event.   As we all know business in 2017 isn’t about having online only or off-line only solutions. Rather every business must adopt solutions that simplify collaboration while synchronizing the offline and online workflow of their employees.  
I believe this is the fundamental hurdle that business needs to get over to drive true adoption of collaboration.  As reported in a recent insights report

“2 in 10 adult workers do not use any collaboration tools for connecting with their work ecosystem!”Click To Tweet

To get true buy-in of any technology, especially inside of a global business, you must address two different employee mindsets.  

  1. Digital Natives
    Employees who understand the power of digital and look at new software and solutions as exciting new opportunities. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re Millennial or Gen Z it instead means they’re open and willing to embrace digital change, collaboration, and community-related solutions.  
  2. Digital Dinosaur
    Employees, who look at software and computers as new tools and as a burden or challenge often asking the question “I’ve never had that before and got my work done just fine so why do I need to do that now?”

These mindsets might seem drastically different in behaviors or desired solutions, but ultimately they both strive to increase productivity in the most simplified way.

Welcome personalized, on-demand collaboration solutions that include mobile, conference room hardware.  

Most collaboration software applications such as Sharepoint, Jive, Slack, and the current one I’ve been testing Cisco Spark do an excellent job at providing innovative features, digital on-boarding and API integrations that make the digital natives happy.  In my opinion, the area in which most of these solutions are lacking is when it comes to integrating those feature sets within the digital dinosaurs workflow, which leverages more traditional offline environments such as meeting rooms and networking events.

Cisco Spark recently announced their Spark Board space that is fully integrated into their collaboration dashboard and includes video conferencing features as well as screen-sharing and chatted all within the Cisco Spark space that can be leveraged from any mobile device.  This synchronization with hardware as well as being mobile connected integrates nicely into the digital dinosaurs workflow.

Now you might be thinking that you’ve seen conference rooms with those giant touch screen boards or video collaboration products before. Most of the time they were cool to look at but seldom worked and they certainly weren’t embraced by those digital dinosaur employee mindsets.  Cisco Spark boards are built with simplicity in mind connecting directly to mobile devices and laptops in the room creating a seamless collaboration experience.

Innovate-Live Simply To Collaborate

Simplicity is essential to facilitate collaboration between digital dinosaurs and digital natives. Watch the short video below to learn why simplicity is important and what the benefits of Cisco Spark boards are.

Also checkout a recent SMACtalk podcast episode where Daniel and I discuss collaboration.

*Cisco Spark is a sponsor of the SMACtalk podcast hosted by Brian Fanzo & Daniel Newman