Son, Social Media will NEVER replace a handshake!

1“Son, Social Media will never replace a handshake!” – My Dad

The 60min keynote below was inspired by my response to my Dad’s message to me….

So much focus for brands today is on creating a “new” customer experience to reach both millennials and generation z, few understand what it takes to embrace this change and build a community.

This is a presentation I (Brian Fanzo) created to present to the clients and partners of Sitel Worldwide, a customer support and resource global outsourcing brand.

They keynote was focused around what my book “A Millennial Mindset” is based on: Change, Collaboration and Community.

This presentation includes:

  • Change in Customer Behaviors
  • What is a Millennial Mindset \
  • Change of customer experience because of Mobile
  • What has to change to embrace millennials
  • What not to do
  • Value of Social Media
  • Importance of Content
  • Future of video and live streaming

(Video recorded using Periscope Live Streaming App)

Slides I used for this keynote: Turn customer handshakes into hugs and selfies from Brian Fanzo

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