Social Media vs Social Network #SMACtalk

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Inspired by recent news that Twitter claims it is no longer a social network but a media outlet Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman discuss the difference between social media and social network.

Social Media Needs Social Networks

Online social networks are the foundation and conduit for social media but they are not one and the same. In the first half of this episode Brian mentions that while social media heavy hitters Facebook and Twitter originally became popular by connecting people together they have evolved to be the way many people look for and consume news. Social networking sites have without a doubt disrupted traditional media. Social media is no longer “what are you doing.” Social media today is “what’s happening.”

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In the second half, Daniel shares examples of the undeniable power of social media. Hyper-fast aggregation of real-time events. Audiences can now watch, talk with their friends, and be fully immersed in an experience in real-time thanks to social networks. Twitter is the clear front-runner as it is the only social network that provides an unfiltered view of current events.

The Attention Era Meets a Powerful Duo

Periscope plus Twitter is a new level of accessibility, a new level of live media engagement, and it’s a way for brands and individuals to create a need for consumption in an age where people are fighting for attention.

This episode is jam packed with quotable nuggets, actionable takeaways, and leaves you wondering will social media one day just be the media?

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