The Art Of A Snapchat Storyteller!

In a recent blog post Limitations Inspire Creativity, I wrote about my experience working with Snapchat creative, storyteller and digital short film social video pioneer @TristanTales in my previous blog.

Now I want to show you the final product that he created using an app that

  • Limits you to 10 second videos
  • Requires you to keep a finger on the screen while recording video
  • Audience attention span is less than 6 seconds
  • Most users record the same view & master the selfie conversation pose
  • Has limited light & visual effects unless creative enough to adapt (Walking through Luxor, Tristan looks up and says there is a mirror on the ceiling lets work that into the story and use it to provide unique perspective)
  • To shoot from multiple angles or views you must be creative using two phones, airplane mode and creative thinking (Inside of the Luxor I’m on the 12th floor using other phones flashlights to light me up so he can zoom in from the floor and show his view point)
  • and many many more…

Do me a favor watch this video, follow Tristan on Snapchat and vote for him for SNAPCHATTER OF THE YEAR #ShortAwards because in this world of copy cat social media storytelling, Tristan is breaking new ground in a fun way and it’s nice to see brands like the Luxor taking notice!

The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas flew me out to attend a VIP Snapchat party. Once there, they entrusted me with the key to the party… let’s just say after watching my snapchat story, they might not make that mistake again :