Snapchat: How & Why It’s Disrupting Social Media! #ThinkLikeaFan

SNAPCHATblabStill haven’t figured out Snapchat… confused what all the buzz is about or what your kids are talking about… Want to better understand how to use it for yourself or maybe fit it in your brand strategy for 2016… Join me on Blab with some snapchat influencer friends of mine as we talk that and answer your questions today at 2:30pm Subscribe here below and even if you can’t make it live Blab will send you an email to view the show later!

Brandstorytelling (1)I wrote very publicly a year ago that I hated Snapchat and found no value in it.  Fast forward to the end of 2015 after spending 4 months studying how brands, influencers and fellow millennials were using it and the platform was growing, I dove head first in linking it to the live streaming philosophy that I’m helping brands with known as #ThinkLikeAFan and the results have been amazing!  Here is a blog post that I wrote recently demonstrating how snapchat is really about storytelling and engagement.

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SNAPCHAT isn’t like ANY other Social Media Network! Which Makes It Great & Hard For Many To Learn!

With so much conversation around snapchat amongst my community and the brands I’m working with, I decided to pull together some of my favorite snapchat influencers friends to discuss this on blab which you see embedded below.  The show notes from this event are listed below along with their snapcodes and names of all others who jumped on air to discuss…

How & Why Snapchat IS Disrupting Social Media! (recorded on Nov 30th at 2:30pm ET on Blab)

Watch the BLAB discussion here with Snapchat Influencer Friends: Nick Cicero MarkKaye + Ben Phillips + Chris Strub  + Chris Mikulin and more friends whose names & links I’ll update after the show…

IMG_2636NickSnapMarkKaySnapBENFIGO StrubSnapChisSnap

Show notes and links to the show will be added after the live show is complete.

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