Your Secret Snapchat Number

Snapchat“Can I do a takeover of your account?” John Q. Marketer asked on the same day that this article hit the interwebs like a handful of spaghetti to the face.


Oops… 2 Back-t0-Back Sexual Innuendo Pics

Joel Comm’s article was one of many surprise occurrences that Viagra-grew my girthy audience. From Amy Schmittauer and Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanzto John Lee Dumas it was a brilliant list of folks that I was very proud to be included in…


“I don’t use my snapchat account for that” Mr. Marketer. “It’s mainly to try and be a better snapper than my wife (impossible) and make her laugh (more difficult than impossible).”

A chill went down my spine as I thought of this spray-tan varnished human with slicked-back hair and bleach-white teeth dog-filtering his way through 24 pinecone-in-the-ass-painful hours on my account. My wife would WTF me and I’d bleed out followers like every artery in my snapchat body had been severed simultaneously.

#Fleshwound… (are my references getting too archaic?)

My following on snapchat is precious to me in a way that most other platforms are not. I’m more likely to engage in a deeper and more meaningful conversation there and I’m much more likely to take a call or a meeting when asked via snap if you’re not a d-bag.

In the end, I have two main pieces of advice for people wanting to have fun on snapchat. After all, you’ll be about as popular as a white dog in a black sofa showroom if you’re not having fun. Really, fun is the key to success on snapchat. #dropsfinger

STEP ONE: Recruit!


Your friend Tony is funny as hell and he used to draw awesome airplane wars with you in junior high. Ask him to start snapping with you. Don’t ask him to follow you. You don’t want people to friggin follow you, you want people to engage.

I’ve seen people start Facebook pages, make Twitter lists, write books, teach classes, do meetups… and none of these things are exaggerated. The simplest way to find people to follow and to categorize yourself is by using Ghostcodes. CLICK HERE FOR LINK


I love to follow some of the best. I’ll admit that I’ll never reach their skill level but I understand what it looks like to look down from the top of Snapchat Mountain because I understand the eyes of MPLATCO andShonduras.

Step Three: Find some folks to emulate.

Get 2 or 3 suggestions from a few folks you know, like and trust and then go from there. Don’t give a shit if they’re “stars” or not because you’ll find that some of your closest friends will be some of the best folks on the platform AND you get to make fun of them a little more.

No matter how far you’ve gotten, in the end remember that you’re building your own community. You can have fun, have a creative outlet, be a marketer, be an artist… whatever you want. Do you my friend.

Don’t worry about following me unless you really want to. I’m happy where I’m at… and my favorite thing about snapchat is:

I don't have to tell you my number! Click To Tweet

Be happy with your size. I’m happy with my size, growth and activity… now if I could only go longer than 10 seconds.

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