The Secret To Discovering Yourself: Be Yourself! #FOMOFanz 005

On this episode of FOMOfanz I’m kicking off my “Throwback Thursday” episodes throwing it back to a keynote I gave at the iSugar event in August of 2016, focused on highlighting the importance of personal branding, storytelling, engagement and community in today’s digital world.

The Focus of this event was to inspire, motivate and share, the keys to our success as well as giving actionable takeaways to the in person and live streaming audience.  

Focus of this keynote was the following:

  • The Secret to Discovering yourself: Be Yourself
  • Life is Noisy..
  • Work – Life Balance It’s Just Called.. LIFE
  • Control is an illusion. Perfection is a fairy tale!
  • Amplifies The Power In Our Vulnerabilities! Transparency
  • Surround Yourself With Those Who Know What You Don’t!
  • The Power of Technology Is In The Experiences It Enables!
  • Celebrate Short Term Wins #ScreenshotAwesomeness
  • There is nobody better to tell your story than yourself!
  • Consistency Consistency Consistency
  • Be The One Thing Others Can’t, YOURSELF! Unless You Suck…
  • Engage Where Your Community is Today, and Listen For Where They’ll Be Tomorrow! Community is the future of business
  • Life Happens Shit Happens Change Happens
  • Leverage Your Digital Eyeballs Tell Your Story Share Your Passion
  • Nobody Will Ever Say: You’re Helping Too Much You’re Providing Too Much Value You Care Too Much
  • Turn handshakes into hugs & selfies
  • When We All Make Small Changes.. Together We Change The World

Watch the Video of this keynote:

Who is Brian Fanzo the Millennial Keynote Speaker:

In 2016, Brian keynoted in 10 countries at more than 50 events highlighting his passion for change, collaboration and community – dubbed the 3 C’s which are the elements and foundation of his first book A Millennial Mindset due out Spring 2017.

Brian has been referred to as a motivational keynote speaker, an inspirational keynote speaker, digital transformation speaker as well as smdaysd_speaking4a technology keynote speaker… This is why Brian refers to himself as a CHANGE EVANGELIST, as a millennial his vast background and unique experiences have allowed him to speak on a wide range of topics as well as solving different goals & objects for the brands and events hiring Brian as a speaker.

Brian’s background has also allowed him to leverage brands that he’s worked with in the past and those that have hired him as an influencer to speak at their events including CES, SXSW, IBM, SAP, Dell, HP, Mobile World Congress, Business Rocks, Social Media Marketing World, MarkeTech, Periscope Summit and many others.

Why Hire Brian to speak at your event?

Brian’s ability to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds creates an amazingly engaged audience while his unique style, background and love for people makes brands in all industries and backgrounds ideal for hiring Brian.

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