What’s the ROI of Periscope Live Streaming?

Whats the ROI of social media, of relationships, of storytelling of blah blah blah blah… Someone I credit for paving the way for my current success Gary Vaynerchuk whom I think everyone know’s coined the phrase “Whats the ROI of YOUR mother” and as you can read in the blog post below, his slideshare keynotes on the the topic, in every book he’s written and daily on his #AskGaryVee Show…. What’s the ROI is the right question usually asked by the wrong people or by those that don’t understand what to calculate or heaven forbid what to do with the results once you have them.

In Gary’s recent Facebook post below he dives into whats the ROI of a piano or a basketball… for some of us very little but for others like Elton John on the piano or Kobe Bryant with the basketball the ROI is huge… So before you read his Facebook post I want to address all of those who see no value in live streaming or feel that Periscope is a passing fad or a waste of time or filled with self centered ego driven assholes.. All I ask is you watch my video below with an open mind thinking less about the mobile app that I’m using, as its just a vehicle for me to deliver my message,

One of the most famous lines of my 10 year speaking career … But it’s super important and something people need to…Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 8.42.55 AM

Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The periscope below I did after a chat conversation about live streaming being just a shiny object and has no real value for brands or thought leaders.  Keep in mind I’ve spent the last 120 days working with 48 brands on live streaming strategies, rebuilding my website to focus on new offers and services around influencer marketing with live streaming and seeing amazing success and results from the brands I’ve been working with!

One 20 minute periscope last night on why I’m thankful for periscope community =
57 new email newsletter subscribers
2 Paid Speaking Gig Opportunities (DM on twitter within minutes)
201 visits to my landing page (2 hour window after stream)

Whats the ROI of live streaming you ask?

— NO sales pitch or 55 calls to action… shared my website URL twice (ThinkLikeAFan.Video) but my focus was finding ways to let people know you can change the world when you….. ‪#‎ShowUcare‬  (Thanks Darren Rowse for best comment.. LOVE over Metrics!)

Watch on Periscope here till Tuesday at 8pm Nov 24th. After that only available below on Katch.Me.

FullScope.TV stats from this periscope: Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 9.02.55 AM

POINT OF THIS… wasn’t to brag about my own stats or get everyone to give me a high five…

ROI can be measured in many different ways when it comes to live streaming just like “value” as it’s important to understand target audience, objective, business goals and more…

For me I’m done PREACHING change and I’m going to focus on LEADING & INSPIRING change through my actions on my accounts, the brands I work with and those in my inner circle. I know that if you use periscope the right way this isn’t news to you but most people haven’t even heard of periscope and if they have it’s probably about the drunk driver or the person shooting a gun on live stream… news is scared of live stream so will only highlight the bad and those afraid of change will bypass the positive blog posts and only latch on to the ones that make them feel like they are right for not embracing it…. well I’ve had enough of that…

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