Are We Ready for Participatory Apps?

Co1LBYxWgAEne-lWho likes to be TOLD what to do?  Who likes to be BROADCASTED at?  Who likes to have NO SAY in the outcome of your experience?  

Certainly not me and I’m guessing neither do you.  When you read about the latest and greatest live video, social video and AR/VR most of the conversation is focused on WHAT the technology does for the users but if you’ve been following me I’ve been preaching nobody cares about the what we only care about HOW it will impact us and WHY we should care.  Well let me add one more HOW to the equation: HOW will I be able to create, interact and impact the experience for myself and others using the same technology.

I call this trend “Participatory Content” and I explain the concept in-depth on Vincenzo Landino’s podcast including what it means for the future of brand marketing, how Pokemon Go did what Angry Birds couldn’t and more…. Check out the podcast here and let me know your thoughts and subscribe to this podcast, because no only does Enzo have two checkmarks, he is doing great things 3 days a week on his podcast!

b8i_DTCbEpisode 148: Are We Ready for Participatory Apps?

–Show Notes—
Brian Fanzo joined me, again, on the podcast to talk about Pokemon Go, Angry Birds and if we’re really ready for participatory apps.

About Brian Fanzo

Brian is a leading voice of the millennial generation in digital media. He has 10+ years experience managing, deploying and training enterprises and small businesses on cyber security, community management, collaboration, digital marketing, video conferencing and social business. As a technology and social media strategist, Brian’s presented at numerous technology conferences, as well as quarterly presentations for the Federal Government Joint Chiefs of Staff and on-site in Iraq and Afghanistan for the United States Army.
His passion for change and people is evident as he delivers keynotes on topics ranging from employee advocacy and social selling to personal branding. He was recently awarded the Top 25 Social Business Leaders of 2014 by IBM & The Economist Intelligence Unit.
Currently he’s the Chief Change Officer at iSocialFanz while also hosting two weekly twitter hangouts #SbizHour & #Cloudtalk and also is the cohost of the SMACtalk podcast. (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)

About Vincenzo Landino:

Vincenzo is an entrepreneur, speaker and host of the Brand Boost Podcast. He is the the founder and Creative Director of Aftermarq, a video consultancy specializing in brand amplification and digital storytelling. With experience as a brand correspondent, Vincenzo’s portfolio includes a 1 billion impression campaign launch for Applebee’s as well as work for Mazda, Kia Motors, Paul Mitchell Schools, Barilla Pasta, DC United, Tinder, and Zoomph.

Outside of his professional life, Vincenzo is a die-hard Steelers fan, avid golfer and wine maker.

Voice Over Artist, Rachel Creveling

Rachel owns Belle Strategies, a social media marketing company specializing in turning followers into customers. She has been providing voice over talent for 6 years and has recorded for TV, Radio, and Podcasts. Find her at

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