Support #NoKidhungry on #GivingTuesday & Win ME!

giving-tuesday-background-540Ok, the title was a bit of click bait but I am giving you a chance to win time with me which is just as good as winning me but more importantly you would be helping a cause that means so much to me….

Why am I involved…. How can you help?  How is No Kid Hungry Using Live Streaming & Social Media on this Giving Tuesday?  Let me explain…

Thank You Tim For Bringing Me Into the No Kid Hungry Family!

Community Visionary, Purveyor of Purpose my friend Tim McDonald wrote this great piece asking everyone to answer What does No Kid Hungry Meant To you?  The answers he got area amazing please read them here but I’d also love it if you tweeted out your response or added yours to the comments on his blog! For me…

What does #NoKidHungry Mean To You? 

For me the word that kept coming up for me was:   OPPORTUNITY… 

CVJGD-1WUAE-dM4Life is hard no matter your path.. I never had to worry about a meal growing up & my kids don’t either but the thought that others do motivates me to fix that and give EVERY KID AN OPPORTUNITY to follow their own path without worrying about where their next meal is coming from!

1 in 5 kids in the U.S. will face hunger in the year ahead.

$1 = 10 Meals & today Giving Tuesday, Hickory Farms & Kettle Brands are doubling that so:

1$ = 20 Meals!

Love seeing brands like Hickory Farms & Kettle Brands supporting and sponsoring this amazing cause as well…


I believe and am proud to be on the social council with No Kid Hungry and since this is the one day we ask for donations I’m adding to the reward of helping end childhood hunger by offering to whomever is my biggest donator today #GivingTuesday to MY No Kid Hungry donation page a free 1 hour skype call to talk about personal branding, social media audit, tech and tools tips or maybe just chat for an hour… it’s up to you…. you can donate to my page here:

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.00.06 AM

Also below you can watch my Periscope this morning about No Kid Hungry & my involvement and the Blab I hosted right after as we talked to the team at BTC revolutions live from No Kid Hungry headquarters!

We will be leveraging live streaming later today as well at:

2pm EST

#NoKidHungry Gaining Yards on #GivingTuesday

4pm EST

#NoKidHungry Nears the End Zone on #GivingTuesday

Here is the video I referenced in my periscope where my KIDS (3 daughters) got involved in the No Kid Hungry Mission earlier this year!

We the people, of the United States of America, stand up against childhood hunger. Join #TeamNKH and declare independence from hunger today.

Posted by No Kid Hungry on Monday, June 30, 2014